Designed to engage.

Our team of graphic designers bring impressive qualifications to the table. We design for engagement, with every element, space, and call-to-action placed for the ultimate impact – and to inspire users to convert.

We bring knowledge of user behavior, habits, and expectations to every website redesign – and we do it right the first time. Our strategic approach, creative abilities, and insight mean better performance and the creation of aesthetic design elements chosen specifically to engage the right audience.

Why You Should Consider A Website Redesign

Mobile optimisation or responsiveness

In general, 61% of all digital minutes are spent on a smartphone. That means, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing out on a huge chunk of the market. You’re missing catching potential customers ‘where they are at’ – in their palm.

Revamp of website should put mobile responsiveness as a priority. Given the Mobile Google Algorithm Update, which boosts mobile-friendly websites in search engine results ranking, you really are missing a trick if your site isn’t responsive.

Better user experience and navigation

You have just 10 seconds of a user’s attention before they decide whether to stay on your website or leave, so the user experience and navigation in that first 10 seconds needs to be absolutely perfect. They need to believe you have exactly what they are looking for, and they need to find it, fast.

Websites that need a redesign often need to address this issue.

Your website isn’t producing the results you’d like.

We know the theory – a website is important for your business. But what if your website isn’t delivering the results you’d like? It’s time to do something about it.

Websites should be a valuable business tool. If yours isn’t bringing you what you want, then it is time to start planning a website redesign.

To improve your website’s performance in search engines

75% of website users never scroll past the first page of search engine results. Your SEO is vital for getting your business seen. There’s no point having an excellent website if no one finds it. When you consider a revamp of website, SEO should be absolutely central to the strategy.

Your Content Management System (CMS) is past its time and hard to use

The whole purpose of a CMS is to make your website management easier. In reality, many website owners find they have to navigate quirks in their CMS in the same way you have a knack for locking your own front door. Without realising it, CMS can become harder and harder to use over time. By redesigning your website you’ll get back to ease of use.

Our Web Design Process

Our designers conduct a detailed analysis of the main features and functionality of your current website.
Next, they will design a strategy to address your issues and faults with your current site.
Using this strategy, they will engage in a competition analysis and keyword research to develop a group of relevant keywords and search phrases for integration into the site.
Several important website design elements are then considered such as: Video and Image Optimisation; Breadcrumb Navigation; and Keyword Optimisation.
These improvements will make the site easy to navigate, visually appealing, and search engine-friendly – resulting in more traffic and better conversions.

Why Choose BULLS Web Design?

Our Website ReDesign Services Give You The Following Benefits:

Your website becomes compatible with recent technological advances
Optimised site content increases rankings in search engines and increases conversions
Visually appealing graphics that enhance user experience
Improved Search Engine Rankings with better website structure, navigation, and Keyword Optimisation
Clear navigation for enhanced usability
Quick turn around time
Competitive pricing

To learn more regarding our Website Redesign Services, Contact Us at or click here to request a quote from us.

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My company just launched our completely revamped website and couldn’t be any happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with Bullswebdesign. They took our old website with outdated graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive site. Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains. When we contact them to discuss the project, we were immediately impressed with how easy they are to communicate with—just real, down to earth, believable people that don’t talk over your head with tech jargon. They listened and spent ample time understanding our products and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate.


Ryan Bruce


Our website required complete makeover, new features and new payment gateway. There were major issues in order processing and overselling that required special efforts. We came in touch with Bullswebdesign team and were really impressed with their approach towards branding,user experience and technical expertise.

New XOPSO can handle upto 100,000 concurrent users and process thousands of orders in a couple of minutes without a glitch. We highly recommend Bullswebdesign for custom development and eCommerce projects.


Hans Christ

CEO, Xopso


When I first made contact with Bullswebdesign team, I was taken with the ‘can-do’ attitude towards our entire project (it was a big one), and their willingness to meet our needs – both creative and budgetary! We had a fairly intense approval process on our end, but the Sleepless team always made working together easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, the overall approach was hard-working but always positive. Even post-launch, the team has continued to be helpful and interactive, making it easy to solve any issues quickly and resolutely. Thank you, Bullsweb!



Rosie Davenport

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